Ny TETRA dekoder till SDR#

Ny TETRA dekoder












På RTL-SDR forumet presenterades i sommras en ny TETRA dekoder. Den ska bygga på den äldre dekodern som tidigare fanns till SDR#. Tyvärr upphörde utvecklingen, av okänd anledning, av den pluginen. Koden lyckades dock sparas och en utvecklare i Australien har förfinat och vidareutvecklat pluggen.


  • A basic call recording (All or Selective call recording).
  • Display current call details with list of seen SSIs for that call. (SSI populate as they TX).
  • GSSI holding - will only allow calls with selected GSSI to be heard.
  • Call lockout based on GSSI. Can be unchecked in list to lockout GSSI.
  • Call Priority. (Only normal version)
  • GSSI weighted 0-9, 9 is highest. If on active call and other call event occurs, if new call has higher
  • priority then will switch to it.
  • Collect/Save all seen GSSIs with Labels and Priority, By Network.
  • Collect/Save seen SSIs with Labels and Last seen Date/Time, By Network.
  • Set a call time-out. Returns to idle state if call does not see a release PDU
    after X time in seconds.
  • Log call events to screen and file, if enabled.
  • Log raw CC and VC PDU messages as seen by the 'TETRA Demodulator' plug-in, if enabled.
  • Log GSSI daily call activity. (Simple version does not play calls when this is selected)
  • Set base frequency via UI.
  • Set CC park carrier # via UI.
  • Set VC park carrier # via UI.
  • Suppress some PDUs. (unchecked is mainly for testing only)
  • Suppress lockout messages.
  • Sort SSI and GSSIs/Lockouts (by GSSI). This only occurs on start-up.
  • Country Code label, defined via file (shown as menu item)
  • Network label, defined via file (shown in tool tip where MNC,LA is in 'Call Details' panel)
  • Location Area label, defined via file (shown in tool tip where MNC,LA is in 'Call Details' panel)
    Only shown when Network label used.
  • Ignores Encrypted PDUs (with no reference to them)
  • Set a seen GSSI priority via UI.
  • Update a seen GSSI/SSI label via UI.
  • Call active indicator.
  • Restore SDR# windows to a defined position.


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Tillslut en liten film om hur man sätter upp det hela:



Konsten att Trolla
Operation Mincemeat


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